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In a case of emotions gone wild, nearly 250 instances of poltergeist activity were documented at the Tropication Arts Novelty Warehouse in Miami. The troubles there started when a number of glass steins were discovered broken. Then mugs, combs, plastic hand fans, and other merchandise started rolling off the shelves by themselves. Within a month, workers in the warehouse were panicking, and the owners of the firm decided to call the police. The patrolmen who responded witnessed so many strange events in their first hour at the scene that they immediately called for a team of officers as back-up. The ASPR was contacted, and a comprehensive investigation began. Their ten-day survey documented 150 events and concluded that they could not have been faked. They also discovered that most of the poltergeist activity centered around a 19-year-old Cuban worker by the name of Julio Vasquez. Julio was burdened with personal problems, which he subconsciously blamed on his place of employment. The poltergeist activity stopped on the same day he was let go. Then, a few days later, he was arrested for stealing an engagement ring, intended for his pregnant fiancÚ, and he was sentenced to a short term in jail. After he was released, researchers tested him, and he showed a marked ability to produce psychokinetic effects. Poor Julio finally got a job in a gas station but was shot three times by a teenaged robber. Unable to work at heavy labor, he became destitute again. The Psychical Research Foundation offered him a financial grant, if he would allow them to study him, but Julio refused, saying he did not want to become a guinea pig for scientists.

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