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Subject: Gainseville fla

From: Goldman@fred.ifas.ufl.edu (Meikle Goldman)

Date: Tue, 25 Apr 95 11:59:01 GMT

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The town I currently live (unfortunately) is Gainseville FL (home of the university of Florida). Anyhow...I am (like most fools) a  big supernatural/paranormal buff, but let's get to the point.

            The local state theater here The Hippodrome (yeah I know, I thought the same thing to) is haunted. But lemme get you the back  ground first.

            Back in the 1880/90 when it was built, the Hippodrome was the local court house, so more then enough people got hung there. Also happens my great cousin James Wesely Harden killed some one there, but anyway, next it was the local post office. I dunno if it was haunted then.

            And come about 1975 or so I was told it was made into the theater. Little was though of this. However during one performance, One of the actresses was back stage heading up the stairs to the second story. (they cross over the stage so people can enter from both sides.

            About half way between the second and 3rd floor (3rd is the business area ) Stood a lady. This is not unusual.

            So the actress opened her mouth to say "hullo, " or some  such, thinking it was another member of the cast. When she opened her mouth, the lady on the stairs above her turned and floated into the stairs and away.

            I called the Hippodrome a few years ago and asked about the ghost. Currently  I hear that at late night and early morning noises and crashes can be heard.