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Subj:     Motorcycle Ghost

Date:    95-05-04 17:36:25 EDT

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From: obiwan@netcom.com (obiwan)

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Hi folks!  Sorry again for not sending a story yesterday.  I was doing

so good there for a while.  I will really try to send one every day!

My mind is just on other things these days.



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Subject: Story of ghost I saw in Cincinnati

Date: 25 May 94 00:37:33 EST


I would like to share an experience I had not too long ago.  Go ahead and

mail me back or post telling me what you think.  People who are from around

Cincinnati might be familiar with this.  It's an old legend, that kind of

spooked me.

I will start off telling you the story behind the story.  There are several

versions of the story, this is the one most popular:

There is a long narrow stretch of deserted road near Oxford, Oh. 

Oxford is about 30 minutes North of Cincinnati.  Supposedly  several years

ago, a guy broke up with his girlfriend, got piss drunk and started riding his

motorcycle down this road.  At the end of the road is a very sharp hairpin

turn. The guy didn't make the turn, and ended up wrecking into the barbed-wire fence

straight ahead and was decapitated.

Now the story is if you go to this road at night, flash your lights three

times, you will see the bike coming down the road.



A couple of friends and myself went to this road one night about 1:30 A.M.

My two friends had been there two other times and saw the same thing every time.


There was another car full of people from the nearby college, Miami Oxford

University.  They left about fifteen minutes after we got there.  Well It was

just the three of us out there.  We flashed our lights several times and

nothing seemed to happen.


Well we decided to give it one more try before we left.  We did and five

minutes later about 1/2 mile down the road a very very bright single light

came down this road.  It seemed to be coming very fast, but it was not

lighting up the road in front of it like a car headlight does.  It was coming closer

and closer.  It was so bright.  Well the light was about 100 yards away when my

friend in the back-seat said "Uh Jeff?". The exact instant I started the car,

I mean no lapse in time whatsoever, the light went right out.  You should know

that I didn't turn on my lights until I was well under my way.  I took off

like a bat out of hell towards where the light went out.  I got to the spot in

seconds.  I really wanted to see if there was anything there.  A car a

motorcycle or kid with a flashlight, anything.  I slowed down to where the

light went out.  There was absolutely nothing around.

You have to know the terrain to understand this better. The road is a long

deserted stretch of road with only a couple of houses on it.  It is only wide

enough for one car.  The road is straight but it is hilly in parts.  The spot

where the curve is and the spot where we saw the light is very hilly and you

can see pretty far down the road.  The light we saw was steady and not moving

up and down like a vehicle would on such up and down hills.  It was really


Has anybody out there seen the same thing or heard the story?  I know by

talking to several different people that has gone to see it say the exact

same thing.  What does everyone think?  I know that there are a lot of skeptics

out there.  Some will say that we saw it in our minds, others will say there is

someone out there amusing sight-seers.  But I honestly think I saw






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Subject: Motorcycle Ghost

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Subject: Re: college ghosts

From: dschaefe@nyx10.cs.du.edu (David M. Schaefer)

Date: 6 May 1995 16:21:58 -0600

Message-ID: <3ogsq6$5a5@nyx10.cs.du.edu>


I attend the University of Dayton, in Dayton, OH.  The campus is quite

old, originally starting out as the St. Mary's Institute in 1850.  One

building on campus, Liberty Hall, was the dormitory for the Marianist

brothers that ran the school.  The upper floor of the building was the



With that in mind, jump forward many years.  On a night before finals, a

group of students were studying on the upper floor of Liberty Hall, which

had been made into a faculty office building.  During the course of their

studying, an elderly man approached them.  They noticed that his style of

dress was rather old, but many of the brothers dress that way.  He asked

them what they were studying, which was history, and then proceeded to give

them hints about what points they should concentrate their study session

on.  The next day when they took the test, it covered the exact same

material the old man had told them to concentrate on.  Wanting to thank

him, they returned to Liberty Hall, thinking that he had an office there,

but they could not find him, and no one recognized their description. 

They then went to Alumni Hall, which is where many of the elderly retired

brothers live, thinking that maybe he lived there.  But they could not

find him there, either.  They gave up looking for him.  A short time

later, one member of the group was looking at photos of the old school

when she came upon a group picture.  Standing in the back row was the

same man who had helped them study.  The picture dated back to the early

days of the school.  After doing some research, they found out that the

man in the picture had been a history teacher at the institute and had

died of an illness in the Liberty Hall infirmary.


AZTEC (aka dave)


BTW, Woodland Cemetery is located adjacent to the school.  Woodland is

featured in "Haunted Ohio" as the site of a glowing gravestone and a

weeping girl, both connected.  According to the story, it was a student

in one of the dorms overlooking the cemetery that noticed the glowing

gravestone.  I haven't read it in a while, so I can't retell it.  Sorry.


Subject: Re: Hotel Ghosts

From: mhguth@aol.com (MHguth)

Date: 24 Apr 1995 13:42:37 -0400

Message-ID: <3ngnud$j2c@newsbf02.news.aol.com>


I am convinced that the Piqua Hotel, or the Fort Piqua Hotel among other

names is haunted. Located in Piqua, Ohio, I had the ?pleasure to tour its

abandoned rooms in 1992 as a reported for the Piqua Daily Call. I was

writing the story, and I took along two other curious reporters and a

photographer. All but one of the reporters and I were mighty nervous.

There have been several unexplained deaths there and reported hauntings.

In the early seventies, a police officer and a suspect exchanged fire in

front of a large mirror (which is one of the few original items still in

the hotel) and both died. A salesman or a porter, I forget which,  was

crushed to death by a sample case in the elevator. The top floor was the

home for the servants and prostitutes (even though it's an elegant hotel).


I tried to get the current owner (who is supposed to renovate the place,

but hasn't to my knowledge) to have Chris Woodyard, the author of Haunted

Ohio to come and evaluate it, but she didn't want that kind of publicity.

It's a mega creepy place and Piqua is located on Interstate 75 at about

the 80 mile marker (about 80 miles north of the Kentucky line).


Anyone else familiar with this? It was built in Grand Hotel style in 1891

and was somewhat of a white elephant. In its later years, it was used for

low-income housing. The only thing there now is a flower shop in the

entrance way.


The Piqua Hotel! It's mega-creepy!


Subject: re: college ghosts

From: v281qpu6@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu

Date: 10 May 1995 20:43:32 GMT

Message-ID: <3or8hk$g7h@azure.acsu.buffalo.edu>


AT Kent State University in Ohio, it is said that the large theatre in the

Music and Speech building is haunted by G. Harry Wright a former professor.

G. Harry was a bit of a chauvinist and he causes trouble on productions that

have female stage managers running the shows. Apparently a female s.m. called a

wrong cue sent the theater to black, causing Harry to trip and fall down some stairs

and either killed him outright or set off the heart attack that did kill him.


Subject: May 4th, 1970

From: vperkins@Phoenix.kent.edu (Vixen)

Date: 5 May 1995 19:39:36 GMT

Message-ID: <3oduto$6qr@ns.mcs.kent.edu>


I am a student a Kent State University.  I'm sure all of you are aware

of what happened on May 4, 1970, at KSU.  For those who don't here's a



     Some students gathered in the Commons, a big grassy field near

Front Campus.  They had agreed to meet there a few days later to

protest against the U.S. invading Cambodia.  The mayor flipped out,

called the governor, who called in the National Guard.  Well, on May

4th, the Victory Bell, which is in the Commons, rang, and the students

assembled.  At 12:24 P.M. the National Guard opened fire, killing four

students, wounding nine.


Now that you know the history of the commons, let me proceed.

The dorm I live in is right next to the Commons, and I can see the

Victory Bell from my room. Many nights I'll be woken up by the bell

ringing.  When I look out, there is no one there, but the bell still

rings.  (It's not the wind.  The bell is very heavy.  People have

trouble ringing it)  There are times when I would be cutting across

the commons at night to go to my dorm and sense things ( I have always

be able to sense things).  I never thought much of it...Until this


On May 2nd, I was cutting across the Commons, as usual.  Well, this

night I got a little closer to the Victory Bell than normal, and I

felt a sense of despair in the air.  I sat down and closed my eyes,

and I sensed someone near me.  I opened my eyes, and before me was a

spirit.  I was shaped like a human, but had no definable features.

Soon 3 others had appeared.  The Victory Bell began to ring once

again, on it's own.  After a period of time, the spirits began to

leave, and the first one to appear smiled at me.  It was not a real

smile, but a slight uplift of depressed energy.  Soon that sprit was

gone, too. 

I know a girl who had the same thing happen to her the year before, at

the same time . (  it was around 11:00 P.M.)  Like me, she has the

ability to sense spirits.  She said that after she saw the spirits of

those who were slain, she seemed to be protected from harm....

If anyone has had experiences similar to this, or wants to comment,

fell free to E-Mail me.





Subject: Re: college ghosts

From: panepintok@kenyon.edu (SUNSHINE DAYDREAM)

Date: 29 Apr 95 00:28:06 EST

Message-ID: <1995Apr29.002806.1@kcvax1>


  I'm a freshman at Kenyon college in Ohio, and my school has a reputation

for being haunted.  in the 1949, old kenyon, the oldest dorm on campus, burnt

down. nine students were killed in the fire (also, kenyon was all men at the time

but there are rumors that there were women in the dorm at the time, but since the

school never acknowledged that no one is sure although some of the ghosts

reported are female-supposedly spirits searching for burial.) Anyway, old

kenyon was rebuilt, only the ceilings of the rooms were higher.  so students

have reported seeing half a ghost...the ghost would be standing where the

floor was before the fire.  some have reported hearing cries of "help" and "get me

out" in rooms supposedly occupied by students who died.  there are lots more

stories, but I'm tired now.  there is a book called haunted Ohio which has a

chapter on kenyon.  it's by Chris woodyard.  it's really interesting.  the

gates of hell are supposedly located on our campus:)


sweet dreams,





Subject: Re: Wisconsin Area Ghost Stories?

From: myers@earth.cnct.com (myers)

Date: 20 May 1995 16:13:43 GMT

Message-ID: <3pl4fn$sa1@mars.cnct.com>



Welcome to the newsgroup.  I'm originally from Chicago and will share a story from many that I have.


My parent once bought an old fixer-upper in the Near-North Side of Chicago.  It was a two story, full basement and an attic.  The attic was large enough to be occupied by one or two people.


We lived there for a while then moved out after many years. My dad rented the two apartments. My pops keep the basement for storage and did not rent the attic because it needed some repair.


Well one day, my brother and I went out to collect the rent from this difficult tenant (the guy was always late with his rent, always have a lot of people living in the apartment, fights on weekends, littering the area, etc., etc., in other words a real creep, lets call him Mr. C for creep.).


This day Mr. C complained about the "tenant" in the attic. He claimed that the guy in the attic would start pacing back and forth many nights at around 3 A.M., and was angry because the guy upstairs in the attic always thumping around so loudly.  Mr. C said he went upstairs one night

to complain to the guy upstairs but there was no answer. And as soon as he was getting to sleep the thumping would start again.


Well, after hearing this complain- my brother and I looked at each other and told Mr C. That the attic was empty and always has been. At that golden opportunity, we said that it must be "Charlie" the ghost.


The tenent needless to say promptly moved out. We haven't had the courage to check this out at 3 A.M.  This was many years ago. The attic is still empty.




(sorry for the length of the story, But it's a ghost story nonetheless.)